Love Allah ﷻ, Love His Messenger ﷺ,

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Family Retreat Goes Online

11th - 13th September



Youth Programme

Lectures & Seminars

Live Q&A & Quizzes

Relax, Have Fun, Be Inspired

 Family Events are back with another spectacular event that will take you on a Journey towards loving Allah ﷻ, His Messenger ﷺ, and Islam. A jam-packed weekend filled with inspiration, fun and much reward.


06:00 PM Welcome Session

06:30 PM Lecture 1 

07:15 PM Maghrib Break

08:00 PM Lecture 2

09:00 PM Live Quiz Show

09:30 PM Live Q&A


10:00 AM YP Islamic Studies

10:30 AM YP Quran

11:00 AM YP Quiz

12:00 PM Lecture 3

01:00 PM Dhuhr Break

02:00 PM Seminar 1

05:00 PM Asr Break

06:00 PM Family Quiz Show

07:00 PM Maghrib Break

08:00 PM Lecture 4

09:00 PM Live Q&A


10:00 AM YP Islamic Studies

10:30 AM YP Quran

11:00 AM YP Quiz

12:00 PM Lecture 5

01:00 PM Dhuhr Break

02:00 PM Seminar 2

05:00 PM Asr Break

06:00 PM Awards and Prizes

06:15 PM Lecture 6 & Closing Session

“The seminars were wonderful. The family story time really did have us listening as a family. We couldn’t wait for the family challenge and we were not disappointed.”

- Iram Reza

There's so much here to love...

Get ready to immerse yourself into 6 inspirational lectures, 2 knowledge-based seminars and so much more...

Live Q&A Sessions


Get your questions answered by qualified shuyookh and listen to their insights on key issues pertaining to Muslims living in the west. InshaAllah, it will be a unique opportunity to better your understanding of the practicalities of Islam.

Interactive Quizzes


Go head-to-head with other families in this exciting and “unpredictable” challenge as you answer questions which test your general knowledge, Islamic IQ, brain-power with riddles and so much more. Do you have a winning team?

Something Special for the Kids

Interactive Quizzes

Let them test their knowledge and learn about Islam whilst having fun competing with others in real-time.

Quran Sessions

Give your kids the mic to recite and be inspired by other mini reciters in these unique interactive sessions.


Watch the inspirational stories from the past come to life in our signature presentations that everyone loves.


By the end of this online retreat, our youth will:

  • Grasp the importance of preferring the love of Allah ﷻ over the love of His creation.

  • Understand what loving Allah ﷻ, Islam and the Messenger ﷺ looks like practically.

  • Be able to mention some of the Names of Allah ﷻ and explain their meaning in brief.

  • Be able to mention some of the qualities of the Prophet ﷺ.

  • Be able to mention 1 benefit for each Pillar of Islam and Article of Faith.

There’s Something for the Entire Family

Inspirational Reminders

Prizes &

Lots of Family Fun!

Halal Entertainment

Frequently Asked Questions

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A great balance of spiritual reminders, comedy, interactive quizzes/challenges, learning, the lot!


May Allah bless you for your interactive online programme of events for the whole family. Really enjoyed and extremely beneficial Q&A.

- Afsana

The events that took place were really fun. Me and my family enjoyed it so much! It was like we were really there! 

- Hawa

A Jannah-Building Experience for the Entire Family