Topic Summary

The Journey to Jannah : A Family Endeavour

During this international retreat, we will explore essential sayings of the Prophet, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, in our very own bespoke collection, 40 Family Hadith. The sayings are wide-ranging covering creed; worship and a righteous household; relationships and responsibilities; love, nurturing and conduct and so much more – all from the perspective of a family unit. Our study will also be undertaken through a variety of sessions involving interaction and entertainment – not just listening to a speaker! So get your provisions ready to embark on your journey to Turkey and once there let’s spend some quality time on exploring the required provisions for our ongoing Journey to the Hereafter!

There will be Keynote Lectures by International Guest Speakers, Interactive Seminars, Big Discussion Panels, Family Story Nights with international speakers, Night Prayers lead by guest Imams, Qur’an Workshops, Competitions, Awards and much more!!!